Taste of Fresh Winds – Peaceful Forests – Clean Waters


Organic Chicken Bred on an Organic Farm in a Uniquely Scandinavian Environment

These chickens are free to roam the farm, both inside and outside. They enjoy plenty of daylight, sleep safely at night and just have fun. They, of course, also have the taste of delicious Scandinavian organic broiler chicken.

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Polar Wings will be at Foodex Japan 2018 in Makuhari Messe, Tokyo! Welcome to our stand 6.-9.3.2018 - Hall 1, Stand E07.

The Taste of Pure Nature

The arctic fresh climate in Scandinavia, long summer days and pure nature give Polar Wings’ chicken meat a unique, authentic and pure flavour. Genuinely organic!


Organic nutrition

Half of the nutrition for Polar Wings’ chickens comes from the fields of the farm they are bred on. The other half is commercially certified and traceable organic feed, which is necessary to ensure healthy growth. In the garden and fields, the chickens can eat hay, grass, seeds, berries, wild herbs and basically anything they find.

Free to roam outside

During the summer, Polar Wings’ chickens are free to roam outside in the garden and fields. They are completely free to remain outdoors and enjoy the endless sunshine of midsummer nights. Inside, they receive plenty of sunlight through the farm house windows and they have lots of hay, seeds and straw for ground pecking.